Some projects I have worked on.

Below you can see some of the projects I have worked on.

The Beauty of Lockdown

Through this project I decided to try and show the positive side of lockdown through my photography, the way I did this was by focusing on the smaller and more banal things in life things like a corner in my house, or a section of blinds in my kitchen and making them a lot more interesting through a range of different techniques. During this project I looked at inspiration from 2 photographers: William Eggleston and Todd Hido and their ability to make ‘boring’ photos interesting even if they do focus on other items the idea stays the same and the techniques can still be used.


After the horrifying death of George Floyd and the following uproar, I decided that I needed to document what my city was doing to help, so on the 4th of June I attended a Black Lives Matter protest in Birmingham city center and created this project. I strongly believe these images are some of the best I have taken, not only because of the technical aspect but because the message comes across very strongly to me and all i had to do was press the shutter.

The Culture of Climbing

When you think of the word “climber” what and who do you associate that with?

I have been climbing for 7 years. During this time I have never seen a photo series looking into the culture of the climbing community so I felt like this photo project is long overdue. The photo project to me is representative of the climbing community and I hope that with these photos I can invite you into that world too. 

A topic that you might not be aware of inside the climbing community is the lack of diversity and sexism. As you may or may not have noticed in my photos there is a lack of diversity and most of the photos are of men, although in general, the climbing community is one of the most friendly and supportive groups of people, there is an embedded problem with the lack of diversity. Recently I have noticed an increase in the diversity of the community and I feel like there is an improvement in the community in general.

Who Am I ?

The eye is one of the most powerful symbols known to many cultures. It can be an indicator of personality, good, evil, protection, wisdom, knowledge, secrecy and mystery. This photo series explores the different forms the eye can take depending on your personal interpretation of the photos.

Some photos explore “The evil eye”  which is believed in multiple cultures around the world. The evil eye is believed to be a curse put upon you by people jealous of you, it is cast by a malevolent glare or jealous words. The evil eye in Pakistani culture is known as nazr which translates to sight, seeing, surveillance or vision, to ward of nazr you need different things that change depending on the culture, for example in Turkish tradition they have an object which shows an eye or in Pakistani culture a short prayer, both of these things are also called nazr.


A collection of collages I have created.

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